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Hey There

Rock Steady Riding has evolved from a team of keen mountain bikers to an inclusive brand for all things bikes.  We are on a journey to share bike sports so more people can feel, overcome, grow and live their best life.

Invlove   Evolve   Enrich   Empower   


Launching as an official entity in 2021, Rock Steady Riding is providing coaching and enriching riding in the Pilbara Karratha. Our main focus is mountain biking and even more specifically, our hearts lie in the enduro racing space. But we see value in all riding disciplines, all the skills, all the hardships and all the triumphs that come with each and every bike sport. We are on a mission to raise the profile of bike sports in the Pilbara, get more families riding together, boost female participation rates and provide the team aspect in what is otherwise an individual sport. We are grass roots flavoured, but we have stars in our eyes too. There's a calling from the big stage, its not that out of reach for RSR and our crew,

RSR is owned & operated by the Kurilowski family, but its undoubtably Alan's fault. He's the fanatic. Venne is on the bike sports journey after performing on a diverse sporting arena prior to bikes, and is enriching the riding programs with her broad experience.


A passion for wheels is an understatement. From as soon as he could walk this guy was pushing the limits on pedals and motorbikes. A free range childhood meant his days were spent riding; he delivered pamphlets on his trusty side-hack, blew off steam on the roadie, raced BMX and motocross. Never far away from wheels he drifted between pedals and motors into adulthood. Racing MX & enduro lead to an epic Finke Desert Race campaign with a top 80 finish (out of 600). Once the kids came along, and seeing friends loving the mtb scene in Karratha the bikes transitioned back to pedals. Launching back into BMX, his childhood skills quickly returned, landing him a national 6A plate and Karratha's Sportsman of the Year. On the mtb, gravity enduro was calling, jumping in on the early seasons with WAGE and the opening day at Linga Longa Bike Park. Since then Al has become a MTBA Level 1 mtb coach, fostered junior development squads, introduced Gravity enduro racing to the Pilbara and even lured WAGE to the north. An expression of interest with DD Airbags landed him 2 blow-up training props, many new ramps being built on the drive-way and a heap of fun and flips. Inventing bike soccer, organising travel & social rides, he has firmly stamped his influence on local riders. Always thinking about riding, building jumps, fixing bikes, taking his kids for a ride, convincing anyone who will listen that they need to ride, trying new skills and always refining - Alan is proudly a bike addict.


The love of an active lifestyle and affinity for sport has shaped Venne's way of life. Growing up, she participated in every sport she could and gained many prestigious accolades in a vast range of team and individual pursuits, most recently back-to-back Australasian Championships in Gaelic Football. Interestingly, bike sports is one of the few pursuits she didn't do growing up!

Very grateful for having had an enabled up bringing, she has grown up learning life skills too. Earning pocket money working as a farm hand, cattle stud hand and station hand she has learnt a few useful things, but mostly confidence in her ability to work out solutions and the need to have a go at everything. There were no 'boy jobs' or 'girl jobs' in her world, which is consciously upheld in her own family, and mirrored in RSR and our empowering value.

Studying Exercise & Health Science and gaining accreditation as an Exercise Physiologist was a logical step to continue Venne's passion for sports, health and exercise. Her studies highlighted so many interesting aspects of humans and the role of sport from the perspective of the individual, team and community. All of this has shaped her enthusiasm and knowledge as a coach, affinity for continuing her own health & sporting journey, and constantly growing as an individual, parent and coach.

Now the Mum of a character filled, energetic family, she has a burning desire to share the sporting journey with her own kids, but also help to provide opportunities and growth that she had to as many others as she can. 

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