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MTB Skill Instructing

As accredited MTB skills instructors we take group rides focusing on developing fundamentals and exploring different trail challenges. We use every ride as an opportunity to challenge riders to help them grow as a rider, not only their skills. 

Social & Recreation

The best thing about riding is that it can be everything you need it to be. Even if you don't want to race, riding is the perfect recreation, it can tick all the boxes. Team or individual, fitness or easy cruise, skills or status quo, urban or nature time... your choice! Every ride! Our aim is to have more people enjoying riding for what ever their reason is that day. We organise bike soccer, social rides, riding travel, play sessions and more. 

What a sport!

Bike Sports

RSR is for all bike sports. We currently support and compete in BMX racing & Gravity Enduro MTB racing. We are looking at taking teams to MTB School championships, participating in/ or running development camps and providing opportunities for riders to develop into versatile competitors.

Air bag

We have 2 airbag options with ramps for jump training and freestyle fun. Available for hire.

Female Focus

Riding has so much to offer girls and women. We have a place in our hearts that drives us to encourage more female participation in bikes sports and recreation. The current female participation rate of about 10% in bike sports is shocking. We encourage, support and empower girls and women to get out and ride more.  


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